Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nursery update

On Saturday Steve and I got this wooden table to put by the glider, the same color stain as the crib and dresser. And it was originally $50 but with a couple discounts and a gift card for registering it came out to $23 - score! I'm usually not matchy-matchy about furniture, but I liked that this seemed sturdy enough not to topple over on little Lars when he pulls up on it, and the alternatives at Home Goods were cute but way more expensive.

With the wooden furniture being this dark honey stain and the glider being a warm medium brown, my fudgsicle & aqua color scheme doesn't seem that wonderful any more. So, now my color scheme is muted primary/secondary colors, inspired by the handbag I've been carrying this summer and a striped lumbar pillow I got for the glider. (How is that for color commitment?) So yes, I'm back to the Nantucket red and apple green, but not that bright. I have a butter yellow changing pad cover that somebody gave us, a butter yellow chair, and I'm thinking of doing a crib skirt and window valance in a gingham, red chambray, or ticking stripe. At this rate I will never pick a wall color, but we are on track to get a chair rail to divide up the space and protect the wall from furniture.

The crib skirt - another subject on its own! My experience is limited to bed skirts, something that is a standard size, goes under a mattress, hides under-bed storage boxes, and keeps out dust bunnies. But something new to me is the concept of the adjustable-height crib mattress, something necessary for short moms like me to be able to reach little Olivia before she learns to stand up on her own, and then lower so she doesn't climb out on her own. (We have a fixed-rail crib.) So do I make the skirt for the highest mattress setting, only to have it puddle on the floor when we lower it later? If I make it the shortest length it won't hide the billion diapers we'll have stashed under the crib until the mattress is lowered. So my brilliant idea is to make the crib skirt in three pieces, each concealing a side of the under-crib and having tabs at the top to attach to different spots on the under-mattress springs as the height is adjusted. And my aversion to ruffles is irrelevant because this design would work best with box pleats anyway. Now I just have to make it (usually the biggest hurdle for me).

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Elizabeth said...

Crib occurred to me that when it gets too long, you can just tuck it from the top under the mattress. You probably won't even look at it that much at that point anyway. Make it standard length; I can measure mine if you want me too...and you can hide the diapers in a diaper stacker that hangs from the changing table.