Wednesday, October 1, 2008


There are a lot of magazines about parenting out there and I'm having trouble keeping them straight. I'd like to subscribe to one or two, the library carries none of them, and I don't think we'll be having date night at Borders as much after the baby comes. So I'm asking for suggestions - don't be shy!

Feel free to share things that you don't like, or books that you like/don't like as well.

Thanks, Internet!


Kerry said...

I loved "Mothering," but it's sort of crunchy/granola. Parenting is good for not just babies but toddlerhood too.

Elizabeth said...

"Baby Talk" is free. And I still think you will get out of the house more than you think, especially if you were never one to sit around like a hermit anyway.

Corrina said...

I got a free one year subscription to "Parents" when I bought something in the Motherhood store (when I was pregnant with John). I loved it so much that I have kept is going. It is great for ages birth through eight or ten. While pregnant I like to read "Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week" by Dr. Glade B. Curtis and Judith Schuler (probably a little late for that now but still a good book). But there is a follow-up called "Your Baby's First Year Week-by-Week". I really liked it because you just read one short chapter each week and it gives you a little insight on what to expect. I found both books at Target. Hope that helps a little.