Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 28

Lately I've gotten a lot of, "Wow, you're so big!" and, "Are you excited?" The short answer is yes for both. However, my excitement is tempered by the fact that I still have 1/3 of a pregnancy yet to go. I'm pacing myself, trying not to imagine growing at this rate for three more months, and getting things done now that I may not be able to do at maximum hugeness, like putting on socks and hanging curtains.

My appointment today went well. The baby's heart rate is 145 and measures 30cm, still large even with Dr. Averill measuring. Bring on the nightmares about the baby getting stuck in the birth canal! Or maybe this means I'm right about the earlier due date. I gained one pound (!) since my last appointment three weeks ago (when I learned I had gained ten since the one before that).

Dr. Averill cleared my conscience for eating nuts (Google is an alarmist). We talked about iron-rich foods like liverwurst (!), eggs, steak (yes, and kale) and she assured me that I can eat pretty much whatever I want. (Processed meats are a classic pregnancy no-no.) I'd like to know why the manufacturers of candy corn do not pack it with iron and calcium so that we can benefit from our cravings.

For the sake of documenting, I'm at the start of my third trimester and in general I feel pretty good. My ankles are still swelling but not painfully like before. My heartburn is getting worse and my stomach is getting a little squished, so I'm trying to eat smaller portions and snack between meals. More often than normal I seem to be leaking from my eyes and increasingly moody (ask Steve). I can often feel my heart pounding and my resting heart rate can be in the 100bpm range, but my doc says this is because of increased blood volume. This week I crave candy corn, fudge, and Pringles but this week last year I probably sought the same. Falling asleep at night has become a challenge, partly because of restless legs, partly because I can't regulate temperature very well (thank you, progesterone), and partly because I am the most comfortable when sleeping on my back (a pregnancy no-no). And sadly, I'm becoming aware that my gait has become more of a waddle when I'm walking around the house. Already. And I still have 12 weeks to go, people! Fortunately I'm still walking for exercise in the mornings and the momentum seems to keep the waddle to a minimum.

On a happier note, I am very excited about the showers that people are throwing for us (plural - bless your hearts). It touches my heart so much to have friends who are willing to throw a party to share the load of buying for baby. My mom and sister-in-law are going with the swanky party idea, so I'm trying out mocktail recipes in the meantime. There is a new trend of restaurants serving lemonade with real fruit in it, like Blueberry Lemonade at Glory Days and Strawberry Lemonade at Ruby Tuesday (free refills!).

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