Tuesday, November 25, 2008

35 Weeks + 4 Days

I had the first appointment at my new OB practice this morning. Dr. Craft is going with the due date from my first ultrasound (12/26) instead of the one we get from The Wheel (12/17) or Dr. Averill's compromise (12/24), but he seemed marginally open to the idea of inducing before the end of the year IF I'm already showing signs of labor (gee, thanks).

My BP was back to normal this week (oh, and yesterday morning my ankles were not swollen for like an hour!) so I don't think I am in danger of preeclempsia. Little Annabelle/Joaquin's heart rate was good and the abdominal measurement wasn't noteworthy; the doctor and nurse didn't share the specifics and I didn't ask. I forgot to ask what direction the baby was positioned, but I'm pretty sure the lumps at the top of my belly are feet. I got the Group B Strep test (no big deal) and while Dr. Craft was in the neighborhood he checked my cervix (closed for business, further dashing my hopes of an early delivery). I'm trying to be patient and prepare for the long haul, which means I can put off packing my hospital bag and doing the baby's laundry. I think I'll bake something instead.

I do hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lots of pie!


kateypie35 said...

happy thanksgiving to you!
good news about the feet!
here's to one more month of pregnancy fun!

Elizabeth said...

Don't get discouraged...that closed sign may be turned to open at any second!! You may still go early yet!

The Talberts said...

You're close! I had to laugh at your Princess Fiona post because my mother in law broke my heart when we were watching my delivery video from my first son by telling me that my face looked like an un-green version of Shrek's wife's. Also .. I had to wear slippers for the last month of that pregnancy. My next pregnancies have been in the summer and it is so much better, no matter what they say about being pregnant in the summer. Being barefoot and wearing a peasant skirt is quite pleasant.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I can't wait to see pictures of the little one.