Friday, November 21, 2008

35 Weeks + 2 Days

I had another checkup today... Baby's heart rate was 149 (good) and abdominal measurement was 37.5cm (+2cm, right on track). Dr. A felt around and said the large measurement is not because of excess amniotic fluid, but "we're not looking at a 10-pounder" either. Little Gavin/Ava is positioned upside down and hopefully will stay that way, which means those are little feet kicking me in the ribs and a head sitting on my bladder.

I lost a pound since my visit a week and a half ago, but it's not for lack of eating! My blood pressure was higher than normal (130/79) today which, along with my Fiona Feet, may be an indicator of preeclampsia. Or it could be because I drank coffee this morning. Regardless, I was advised not to travel to Steve's parents' house in New York for Thanksgiving and that makes me sad. Dr. A said even without the elevated BP she doesn't like for her patients to travel after they reach 36 weeks. Very little freaks this woman out, so when she is concerned with something I take her seriously.

I officially found out today that Dr. Averill is discontinuing the OB part of her practice for medical reasons. She originally told me after my NST, but she "hadn't told anyone" yet so I didn't feel like I should blog about it. She is in solo practice with a nurse practitioner, and until recently she had another practice cover her deliveries when she couldn't be there. Well, that relationship has deteriorated and Dr. A has had to be on call so much that she's burned out. [A common response to this news is that she should finish out her current patients until they deliver, but I wouldn't want a burnt-out doctor delivering my baby.]

So, this afternoon I tagged along with Karen to her OB appointment to meet one of four doctors in my new group. Karen is due a week before me and just found out she is dilated 1cm, so I'm very excited for her! Plus, I found out this morning that Tom (my brother) and Jen are expecting a little girl in April, so I'm going to have a niece! And it's Friday! And Thanksgiving is next week! I have so much to be thankful for.

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Elizabeth said...

So what's your impression of the new doctor? I'm trying to reconcile myself to a male doctor, but it's nightmarish in my mind! Also, your fake names (Gavin/Ava) are starting to get more normal...I actually like these!