Friday, November 7, 2008

Gastric woe

My poor squished stomach doesn't know what to do. Some days I get really hungry for every meal. And then if I'm smart I eat about half of what I normally could, because if I don't I'll likely feel stuffed for the rest of the day. Oh, and the acid? It's getting worse. I've had several Semi-Puke-Related Belch Incidents, probably because progesterone has given my cardiac sphincter the year off. (Who says I'm not using my biology degree? I still know my sphincters.) Tums are my friends, and they even give me extra calcium. I've actually started developing a preference for flavors and feel that the makers of Pepcid Complete should label theirs "chalk" to be more realistic. I prefer mixed berry to mint, and citrus flavors come in second.

But, in the name of trying to be real but not too negative, the chair rail in the nursery is up and painted, so the furniture is no longer piled in the middle of the nursery. I haven't actually put everything away (what I'm not showing you is the pile of gear accumulating in the hallway) but I'm seeing progress and it's very exciting.

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