Thursday, November 6, 2008

Diaper bag

I love buying purses, but I have resisted lately because I'm wondering what life will be like when I need to carry the baby's stuff and my own personal stuff. Do I carry a purse and a diaper bag? Do I treat the diaper bag like one big purse? What do I do with my wallet when I drop little Gunner/Starleen off at the nursery?

And so, after picking out a carseat and stroller, I finally sat down to think about a diaper bag. I didn't want the boring black nylon kind or one with a kitten print just because it's baby gear, I wanted one that looks like a bag I'd normally carry. And I wanted side pockets and interior pockets and a matching detachable changing pad. So when I found this Etsy seller in my search for a Anne-style nursing cover, I splurged on a custom diaper bag with a matching changing pad, wristlet (removable insert for my wallet, keys, phone), and even car seat strap covers out of scrumptious chocolate and green Amy Butler fabric. I am hoping that diaper duty will be a little more fun now.

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kateypie35 said...

Thats a gorgeous bag! Love it!

I used my diaper bag faithfully for the first month or so....but now I usually shove a diaper in my regular purse, and a wipes container is floating around under the seat of my car somewhere...ha ha! My diaper bag isn't as cute as that one though.....