Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Clothing us

I find myself shopping in places I had barely noticed before... Toys R Us (great clearance rack for baby clothes) and the infant departments of my regular stores (Ross, Gabriel Brothers, JC Penney, TJ Maxx, Target, Old Navy, Kohls, thrift & consignment stores). Baby clothes are flippin' adorable and I can't stop buying them, especially when they are so cheap. I have no idea how big this kid is going to be in 6 months, but the outfits! They are so cute! And little! Somebody stop me!

And no, I haven't done any baby laundry yet. So far I have just hung everything up and made a spreadsheet of the inventory. It's easier to shop for things we need now than it will be later. I even put said spreadsheet on my Palm Pilot so I could refer to it at the store, but twice now it has crashed my Palm Pilot while at the store (only to act fine when I get home) so I resorted to a sticky note of the items we still need.

One troubling thought that I keep pushing to the back of my mind is How do I dress this kid? I mean, is a onesie like underwear or a regular shirt? Is a long-sleeved bodysuit and pants going to be enough warmth in February? Does an infant need shoes? Are the pants that snap all along the inseam going to make diaper changing easier or more difficult than the ones you just pull off? How do you get a body suit on the kid when there are no snaps at the neck - pull the crotch end over little Nelson's/Cordelia's head and torso and then somehow fish out the arms? Do they give lessons on this in Labor & Delivery?

I am not so fun to dress these days. One particularly annoying thing I am trying to avoid is maternity outerwear because I think it's a misuse of money to buy a coat for just a few months. AND a prevalent trend is a tie belt on jackets this season - even maternity jackets - and I think it looks awful to combine that with a baby belly. My down coat still zips around the baby and I just got a maternity sweater jacket at Ross for $12, so otherwise I will be wearing my regular coats this season with my belly frugally sticking out.

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kateypie35 said...

May I just say, I am loving the name teasers....Nelson/Cordelia...bwahaha!

My son was born in January - so if I may, I will give one tip - for me, the easiest outfits were the one piece footie pajama type ones...snap on, keeps feet covered, not to much to muss with. Add a sweater and hat and yer good to go.
I HATED the "sacks" - the things that have arms but end in a sack, kind of like a dress? Rode up and annoyed me, hated hated.
That's just me though, you have to find your own groove. .
Infants definitely do not need shoes. Get long socks that pull up far on the leg, infant socks come off so easily, its strange and annoying.
A onesie is like a regular shirt, or can just be an extra layer. I like onesies better than regular shirts, cause they don't ride up. And yes, you pull the crotch end over head and torso and pull out will master it in no time, I promise you.
Wooohooo...first fun, but so much to figure out!