Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I slept through the night - so blogworthy!

I tend to blog about the interesting things, the highlights and noteworthy stories, but not the boring day-to-day stuff. (I realize this may give you a skewed perception of my life). So here's the kind of stuff I leave out: Most nights I am very tired when I go to bed, but I can't go to sleep even when I get comfortable. I still have restless legs and hip joint pain when lying in bed, and in the morning my shoulders hurt as well. I have to sleep on one side or the other and rolling from side to side is a small feat in itself if I'm going to respect the dotted line down the middle of the bed. I get up to pee about 4-6 times a night, get a drink of water, and sometimes I have to pee again before I fall back to sleep.

People like to tell me that this will get me used to getting up during the night to feed the baby, and I am still working on a gracious response to unhelpful advice pearls of wisdom like this. I think it makes more sense for the expectant moms to get rest while the baby is still forming. I daresay new moms will quickly learn how to wake up every couple of hours and function without sleep!

BUT last night? Last night I got 10 hours of sleep and I woke up only because of the light streaming in from the bathroom. I slept so soundly that I only got up to pee once. Bliss! Then at breakfast I drank two glasses of water to rehydrate.

So what is more blogworthy? Getting sleep or not getting sleep?

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Elizabeth said...

Don't worry, you won't get that pearl of wisdom from me. I was equally annoyed when people told me that. It makes no sense to me that I shouldn't be allowed to sleep before OR after the baby comes.