Friday, March 20, 2009

Mah Bay-Bay! Mode

When something bad is happening I am usually able to handle it okay until I have to verbalize that there is a problem. Like when I had my first non-stress test at 34 weeks pregnant I didn't want to call Steve to tell him what was happening because I knew I'd lose it and start blubbering. Or when I was gripping the handrail for a contraction during pre-labor and someone would walk by and ask if I was okay, I'd give Steve a look hoping he'd chime in because if I answered I'd start crying.

I've had to call the pediatrician's office a few times now (diarrhea, plugged tear duct, nursing woes, and now the skin thing). Each time I'm fine until I have to explain the symptoms to the nurse on the phone, it hits me that my child is not 100% okay, and I get all choked up and squeaky. My baby!

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