Sunday, March 15, 2009


I used to have just one blog and I'd post everything on it. Then I started this one for just pregnancy/baby stuff because some people might not want to hear about baby poop. Now I'm starting to realize that it makes more sense to post just jewelry stuff on my jewelry blog and everything else on this one because, after all, childbearing has stolen my brain and I have little else to talk about. I will try to refrain from blogging about the contents of Olivia's diapers.

So for the sake of searching, here are previous posts from my other blog, by tag:
Bird fetish
Lazy Series

Other housekeeping stuff... I added a new slideshow to the sidebar for the newest pictures, called "Olivia Now". I'll try to add new pictures in groups, and then move the previous set to "Olivia Then".

Also, I completed an Interview With Myself, answering questions I had while still pregnant.

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