Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rolling over

Sorry - I've been pretty busy lately. My computer came down with another virus (thanks so much, McAfee) but I got a remarkable amount of work done while it was gone, so I'm going to try instituting Laptop Lid Closing more often now. Notice how ambiguous that is. I am not very disciplined in that department. (And yes, if you follow that link and wonder, I am already saying, "Those were the days.")

Miss Olivia and I took advantage of the nice weather this weekend by getting out of the house... Computer Shop, Simply Charming Boutique, Babies-R-Us, dinner with Grandpa, church, Lowe's, Michael's, Pep Boys...

I washed my own car for the first time in years with green dish soap and a leaky hose. And then I got all the stuff I needed... Carwash soap/wax, hose gaskets, hose caddy, Rain-X, tire shine-er, wheel cleaner...

Okay, a little excitement: Olivia has started turning over to her front. She still has an arm stuck underneath her, so then she turns right back over to her back if she leans in that direction. But it's something I'll probably want to look back on when we have our next kid, so I'm posting it.

Oh, and? As soon as I wrote out my disclaimer about the arm, she rolled over for real and then fussed because she was stuck on her tummy, reverse turtle-ized. But, Riley won't roll over even if you try to make her, so give Olivia another point.

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