Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scratchy scratch

Baby fingernails are so tiny and cute. Except when they are scratching everything Olivia can get her hands on. Her face, my face, her legs, my neck... I'm thinking it's part of a tactile exploration phase (What does this surface feel like when I scratch it?), so I'm hoping it won't last forever because trimming baby fingernails is an art I have yet to master. I have to put socks on her hands while I put lotion & cortisone cream on her, otherwise she'll leave scratches all over herself. Yesterday I put her in the Bjorn Mini-Me-style to hold her still (facing forward - sorry, Mom, I couldn't find a picture online) and sat in front of the TV to distract her. That worked for about 45 seconds until I caught her finger in there by mistake. Will file instead of clipping next time. For the record, Riley also hates getting her nails trimmed, so the girls are neck-and-neck in that department. Olivia slept through the night earlier, Riley recognizes more words, they both drool about the same.

In other developmental news, Olivia is more interested in things in front of her face. She's able to entertain herself in the Gymini for a little while, and has started reaching out to grab things that she sees. Before it was just incidental grasping, her arms flailing about until she felt something to grab. Now if you hold a toy out in front of her she'll slooooowly reach and grab it, usually with her right hand. And she's starting to put everything she grabs into her mouth. Other new stuff: Starting to drool, rolling onto her side (but not rolling over), selective stranger anxiety, first goopy nose (allergies?), eyelashes already longer than Mama's (daddy's eyes).

The other day I was having lunch with my friend Debora, who pointed out that Olivia was very content in her bucket seat and not needing to be held all the time. She's right! (I complain a lot on here and don't always give updates - sorry!) I hadn't really noticed the transition, but now Olivia is usually happy to be in her Johnny Jumper, Excersaucer, Bjorn, crib with mobile, swing, bouncy seat, Gymini, and sometimes (as in this case) her carseat.

Steve's sister Lydia and her husband just paid us a quick visit on their way through town and Olivia got to meet Linus, their Great Dane who was a lot more interested in giving Olivia kisses than Riley is.

Cuteness: Olivia's yawns often end in the letter "k". Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....kkkk. I have no explanation for this, but it makes me laugh. She also clasps her hands while taking a bottle, glee club-style, or like she's going to make an announcement.

Normal infant ailments that I fully appreciate Olivia not having/doing: Diaper rash, spit-up (okay, only like once a week), reflux, sensitivities to what I eat, fussiness/colic, waking up during the night, cradle crap cap, nipple confusion, needing a warm bottle. My friend Tiffany (mother of 5) calls these "sucker babies" because they suck you right into having another.

I can't wait for a little bit of warmer weather to see how Olivia likes the yard and going to the pool. I have been looking online for a portable mesh sunshade/tent, and we have swim diapers, a couple bathing suits, and a float to put her in. It's a little early yet -- yesterday we had snow flurries and she is pretty little for the float --but I'm also looking at a neoprene front carrier because it helps keep her warm in the water.

While we're talking about gear, my friend Melissa uses a bath seat for her 1-year-old. Anyone have any experience with this for smaller babies? Or a PeaPod travel bed vs. Pack 'n' Play? We have a PNP but it seems pretty cumbersome for short trips or when we have to pack the car full. And anyone have any advice on jogging strollers? We have narrow sidewalks and if I hit the grass in the regular stroller it acts like I'm stuck in the mud.

*TMI alert*

I don't like to talk about poop much, but for the sake of documentation I'm going to note that we're now at peanut butter consistency instead of applesauce, which means it's less likely to go everywhere.

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