Friday, May 29, 2009


I may be handy with wire and wood and fabric, but my eyes glaze over when I have to deal with electronics or car stuff. I try to learn, but it's like my brain has this void of attention/memory in those areas and Steve and I both prefer to outsource that stuff to someone else. Case in point: my XM radio vehicle adaptor has been sitting in a bag on my kitchen floor for about a year because, as much as I like to listen to XM, I just didn't want to figure out how to get the antenna mounted properly and the wires hidden, etc. My brother, who loves all the enginerdy stuff, was in town earlier this month and offered to install it for me. Thank you, Tom. You complete me.

Satellite in my eyes
Like a diamond in the sky
How I wonder.
Satellite strung from the moon
And the world your balloon
Peeping tom for the mother station
-DMB (who has a new album coming out next week)

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