Tuesday, June 2, 2009

See My Lovely Poison Ivy

We have poison ivy in our garden. Each year we get a vine or two, and each year I manage to get a rash. This year I was considering latex gloves until my dad volunteered to get rid of it, so I stood by with a bag to put it in. Dad grabbed it bare-handed, roots and all, and put it in the bag. No problem.

And then I found another vine a few weeks later and we repeated the process. I'm sure I didn't touch it, but I managed to get a rash on the back of my hand this time. The oil must have camped out under my ring, so I haven't been able to wear that either. And so, for the last few days I've been watching the rash blister and weep, trying not to get it on Olivia or anyone else. I'm debating about going to the doctor, but it seems to be getting a little better.

My friend Karen also got poison ivy last week while standing nearby while her husband pulled some out. She told me the oil sprays into the air when the plant is bruised, but she didn't know that until afterward either.

Having poson ivy is a great excuse not to go to the gym. But, it is gorgeous and clear outside, not humid at all, so instead I put some miles on the Baby Jogger I scored on CraigsList last week ($50).

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