Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nursery Nose

Olivia has been sneezing a lot and her nose is stuffy for the first time ever. During the night she woke up a few times caughing like she's gagging, so I'm thinking we've got some post-nasal drip going on. ("We" meaning my throat is sore as well. Tried unsuccessfully to get her to gargle with salt water with me.)

I polled my people on what to do and called the doctor's office since it's the first time she's ever had these symptoms (read: I'm a rookie mom). The nurse said babies don't develop allergies until after ~3yrs, so it's probably a cold. I was advised by everyone to try putting saline drops in her nose and sucking out the boogers using the aspirator, but she *hates* it and is really good at turning her head at just the right moment. (Must have learned that from Riley getting her ears squirted or nails trimmed.) She's still able to breathe while eating, so I'm wondering if the treatment is worse than the symptoms. Will clean out the humidifier, although it makes more sense to sleep outside where it's warm and humid. May elevate one end of her mattress, which is like propping her up on pillows without the associated risk of SIDS.

Anyway, it's the first time I've had this feeling of wanting to take on my child's burden, to protect her and prevent her from suffering. She'll probably share it with me anyway, huh?

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