Sunday, July 26, 2009


Last month amidst Steve's back-to-back conferences I was moaning on the phone about how much I missed him when he has to be gone, so he suggested I come on a trip with him. So we cashed in his frequent flyer miles and met him in Montreal this week. Brushed up on my French, had more frites than I care to admit, and walked a lot.

So many things could have been really awful flying *internationally* with Olivia by myself for the first time and I was prepared for her to scream the entire plane ride (90 minutes). But here she is on the ride there...

...and with Daddy on the ride home. I was so relieved!

She had no trouble sleeping in the hotel crib, although -- as I've said before --sometimes I think it would be worth it to get a suite because she's kind of a loud sleeper. Wake up, talk, fall asleep, repeat.

Montreal winters are tough so they've built an underground city connected by tunnels, so if you live in one of the connected apartments you can go buy milk without having to put on a coat. But in the summer Montrealers are so very happy to enjoy every minute of the warm weather. While Steve was at the conference booth Olivia and I just walked around Old Montreal and napped.

In the evenings Steve joined us in the joie de vivre by dining on restaurant terraces, walking everywhere because it was so nice out, watching street performers and horse-drawn carriages... The weather was uncharacteristically warm - in the upper 20s (ha! Celsius) - but nothing compared to the wall of humidity I felt when we deplaned in Virginia.

Here are more pictures...

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