Thursday, July 30, 2009

This week

This week our church is hosting VBS and I've been helping out with snacks. As a result, I've gotten little else done. Olivia is in the nursery during VBS, so that basically means she hasn't had morning naps and was quoted as saying, "Why sleep when there are fun people to play with me?" So then she sleeps all afternoon AND Steve has been working from home this week, so I've gotten some great me-time. Yesterday I napped lay catatonic on the sofa and apparently missed a thunderstorm.

Today we had an easier workload in Snackland so I had the energy left to hit several thrift and consignment stores for fall stuff for Olivia. Hopefully she'll be in 12mo clothes long enough to actually wear everything. Oh, Gymboree, how I love thee. What is it about thy designs that didst make me swoon and buy everything?

Another fun find was a Carters outfit that we'd had in size Newborn and -because I loved it so much - I squeezed Olivia into for a few weeks after it was technically too small. Now we have the same outfit in a larger size which is extra nice because it includes green pants which seem to match every shirt we have. Tiny clothes, they excite me so.

(This is Lauren holding 1-month-old Olivia who is wearing the original green pants and sleeping monkey-style.)

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