Wednesday, August 5, 2009

7 months old

  • liked the animals and the tractor pull at the county fair. I plugged her ears for the loud part, but she was fascinated.
  • has started crying when I walk away. She still "goes" to strangers just fine, though.
  • is starting to outgrow her 6-9mo clothes. My mother assures me she'll slow down soon.
  • does a happy dance. She'll even do it when laying on her tummy or when someone is holding her. It's like, "I can't smile big enough, so I'm going to do a little dance."
  • likes to taste test everything. Including hats. (That's Mary under there.)
  • has finally gotten her toes in her mouth. Portable toys!
  • chews on her thumb. Doesn't suck on it or take a paci, though.
  • loves hair. Long hair, beard hair, leg hair. She plays with her own hair when she's drinking a bottle. With both hands.
  • has started to "talk" more. Ya-ya-ya-ya-ra-ra-ra...
  • thinks Riley playing fetch is hilarious. I think watching Olivia watching Riley is hilarious. She only laughs like this when she's tired.  Or maybe it's when she's watching Riley fetch a ball.

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sdiindiana said...

Hello Anne!
I don't usually comment (just a lurker). I started coming to your jewelry site and have gotten stuck on your family blog because Olivia is just so darn cute! Well, I had to comment today because this video is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!! That laugh is contagious!!!
Kim (Texas)
ps i love your tutorials.....