Monday, October 26, 2009

What's new, baby girl?

Livi has four teeth now and her new game is to bite the spoon that feeds her.  After all it is rubbery and good for chewing!  Feeding in general is going better after I started puréeing everything.  She likes to feed herself things like cheese, cereal, deli meat, canned veggies, diced fruit, and did I mention CHEESE!  Riley had a checkup (before the chocolate incident) and the vet suggested keeping an eye on her weight now that Olivia is dropping delicious food on the floor feeding herself.

A couple months ago we introduced a sippy cup per Dr. Robertson's suggestion.  At first the flow was too fast and made her gag, so we gave it a break.  Then she got teeth so now it's a chew toy and she won't try to drink from it.  We've tried different styles with the same results, although she will drink from a juice box straw. (Juice either dribbles down her front or worse, goes undiluted into her stomach, so we don't try it that often.)  She has no interest in holding a bottle and if we let her hold the sippy cup she just swings it around by the handles. 

During Thursday night Olivia woke up (which never happens) screaming inconsolably. We took turns holding her and rocking her, took her temp (low grade fever), gave her Tylenol, and finally she cried herself back to sleep. After reading her manual the next day it sounded like an ear infection, so I called the doctor's office.  The receptionist didn't come out and suggest that I not come, but she said the office had been full of swine flu cases, there were no open appointments, and throughout the week people had been lining up for the after-hours clinic 90 minutes before it opened.  O is around kids on Sunday and Tuesday mornings and usually develops Nursery Nose afterward.  How many kids will come to the nursery before their parents realize they've got swine flu?  I don't even want to go to the shot clinic b/c I'm mentally picturing the the peds office as a germ factory.  I'm considering staying in the house until March.

Wash your hands a lot, don't touch your face, and please keep your kids home if they are sick.

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Jessica said...

ahhh...and here I was just wondering why it was that I missed seeing my favorite bundle of girl this morning! Now I know why!
See you in Spring! :)