Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little pants

Until now I have limited my sewing to projects that don't need to fit anyone, mostly straight lines like curtains and quilts.  I've even made fitted slipcovers, but the sofa sat still while I pinned fabric on, inside out, in order to cut and mark it first. 

But I saw the cutest corduroy at the fabric store so I decided to make a pair of pants for Olivia.  It helps that she has a little monkey butt.  (In fact "they" say you can cut pants the same in front and back until the child is 7.  Do kids suddenly grow butts then?) 

Mom helped me size the pattern using an existing pair of Livi's pants (the beloved green pair) and serged the seams so the fabric wouldn't constantly unravel.  I went into it wanting to avoid sewing a hem add a ruffle at the bottom, and I like how they turned out.  Nice and long, so when she's strapped in somewhere they don't look like shorts.  The hardest part was finding a non-Christmasy red shirt to coordinate.

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Jessica said...

Lovin' the pants. You really rock this whole Mom thing. It kinda kills me.
Anyway, at Target they had a fuschia kinda color shirt that matches that pinky color that's in the pants. It was on the foldable little shelves. I want to say it was Circo brand. I could be completely wrong though.
Still loving the orange nose too btw... :)