Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little shirts

I love the profile of peasant blouses and the simplicity of four pieces sewn together, so when I found an 18mo one at the thrift store I wanted to make a pattern out of it.  Mom and I started by each tracing it onto paper, resulting in two very different patterns, so then I ripped out the seams for more precision.  After all I only paid $2 and there was a stain on it. 

During a series of football games on Sunday I sewed two of them; one from kid flannel and the other from Laura Ingalls-esque calico cotton.  And then I tried them on Olivia.  Somewhere between sewing all that elastic (cuffs and neckline) and realizing that woven cottons don't stretch quite like the original knit shirt, I decided that it's more fun to shop for fabric than actually make these things.

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