Friday, December 18, 2009


This was a poll on our local paper's website...

And judging from comments on FaceBook it's not just Frednecks (and other locals) that do this.

I got none of these staples even with the expected 10-16" of snow.  For most of my visit I was actually thinking it was Crazy Christmas Shoppers who were crowding the aisles, and I was getting ingredients for party food like Chocolate Chex Mix and Rolo Turtles. (Thanks, Kerry!) 

I also got cheese slices for grilled cheese sandwiches, which Olivia actually liked.  She actually ate oatmeal and yogurt from a spoon today, too.  I guess she just wanted a break from spoon feeding and now it's okay again.  ???  Every day is a guessing game.  Oh, and picky eaters drive me crazy so it kills me to be giving her chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, cereal bars, and other soft, carby things that are devoid of vegetables.  But, that's what she'll eat. Dr. Dameron did say that if she doesn't like green vegetables it would put her in the majority, so not to worry.  She still "likes" frozen peas, which means she'll eat six of them before they thaw and become toys.

Other Olivia news...  She's learning "nose" and likes to play Last week I started limiting her morning naps so she will sleep in the afternoons instead of talking to herself.  But it doesn't seem right to wake a sleeping baby, and this week she has a cold so she's taking two full naps just fine.  Maybe she's not ready to drop that morning nap.  She has mastered (and loves) her gumball machine toy, so now she can hit the dispenser lever AND put the balls back in the top to complete the cycle.  She also puts hairbrushes in the top, and she puts them (and the gumballs) in the Diaper Champ so I always have to check it for stowaways.  Livi likes her Mozart cube and has started humming when it plays.  The batteries are starting to go so, although I don't get tired of the music, the flat notes bother me.  Once a band nerd, always a band nerd.

Enjoy the snow, East Coasters!

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