Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Our baby girl is a year old!  Somebody once told me the days drag on and the years fly by, and I'm starting to understand that.

Olivia had a great time opening presents this past week.  We were with Steve's family for Christmas, then my parents, Misty, Mandy, Jenni, and Lauren came over to celebrate Olivia's birthday.

Mandy made a teddy bear cake for Olivia to have all to herself.  At first she didn't like the feel of the frosting.

But then she'd lick her fingers clean and go for another round. 

Steve threw her in the tub shortly after this.

For the sake of comparison, here's a picture of me eating green frosting from my first birthday cake.


Jessica said...

SOOOO Sorry I missed it!! :( I can't believe Tuesday came and went so quickly! I went to lunch with my uncles (who were departing back home for the West coast) and then came back home to the dishevelment of my home!
I can't believe I missed the merriment. Ugh.
I'm so glad a good time was had by all, and more importantly, I'm glad the birthday girl enjoyed her day.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl...

Sarah said...

Happy 1st Birthday beautiful girl! It looks like you enjoyed your cake. :)