Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

Steve, Olivia, and I spent New Year's weekend at the Outer Banks.  We rented a house that sleeps 23, but when it's off-season and you split the price with 16 of your friends, it's really quite affordable.  We shopped, ate, slept, took walks, watched movies, played games, and basically just relaxed.  One really nice feature about vacationing with so many people is that somebody was always willing to help out with Olivia and Scarlett (the other baby beachgoer).

Funny GPS story...

On the way to the beach we stopped to have lunch with our friends Dave and Laura.  We got to know them in Delaware, now they live in Vancouver, and over Christmas they were back home in Virginia.  And they have tickets for some of the Winter Olympics.  And they're expecting a baby in June!  I digress...  We had plugged in the address to Bottoms Up and when we got to downtown Richmond, Phoebe (our GPS) told us to stop directly on 95.  "Arriving at destination," she said proudly.  It turns out the restaurant is located in Shockoe Bottom, a neighborhood that runs beneath the railroad and highway.  I guess it all looks the same from the satellites.  Anyway, once we found Dock Street, a parking spot (a left-handed parallel job performed perfectly on Steve's first try; thank you, Delaware, for all the practice), and Dave & Laura it was great to catch up and eat some fantastic pizza and mozzatracks.

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