Friday, January 29, 2010

13 months

I've been informed that I never declared that Olivia is officially walking.  In December she was taking steps, and in January she gradually got better at it so I didn't really note the day. 

Over the past few weeks I think the walker has given her more confidence, and people who see her once a week have noticed a difference from week to week.  She still wobbles and falls easily, but she can walk across a room on her own if there are no toys in the way.  Oh, and she likes ketchup and mustard.

With her upright stature has come the need to expand the babyproofing to countertops.  She likes to open drawers and look at the underside.  She likes to open cabinets as well, but most of the time if she's in the kitchen she's in the walker which prevents her from opening them.  The "purple banjo" keeps the rest closed (an asparagus rubber band that she strums).

Since she started crawling she likes to go through tight spaces.  Instead of crawling around two footstools, she'll squeeze through the 6" separating them.  I've found it hard to keep her out of the stuff stored beneath the crib, including the baby monitor, so I cleared it out and now it's like a fort with striped walls.

I didn't consciously teach her to smile for the camera, but it's handy (and cute).

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Sarah said...

She is so darn cute! :)