Sunday, January 31, 2010

More snow, more O

Steve and I weren't to be deterred by a little snow yesterday, so even with the forecast of 2-3" we did our normal Saturday thing and headed to Gainesville for Wegmans and HomeGoods.  On the way back after we'd gotten a few inches and were trudging along in a single-lane caravan at 45mph watching emergency crews responding to several accidents, I did think maybe it wasn't the wisest decision.  But we got home safely and now we can look back and say we did something this weekend. 

We got about 6" and it is lovely, but no, we still haven't let Olivia play in it (gasp!). She doesn't have mittens or a snowsuit, so we figured we'll just let her watch it this year. She likes watching it fall, and also likes when it's windy outside. She gets a big smile on her face with a chilly blast - so weird but so funny!

Since she was a few months old, hostesses at restaurants see her and think "kid" and automatically give us a kid's pack of crayons and a picture to draw.  We finally let her have them and while she does like to eat the crayons, she does understand that they make marks on the paper.  Kinda fun!

We get so many comments about our hook-on high chair, from people worried it's going to fall to servers who like how small of a space it consumes.  We use it to keep our germs to ourselves.  Speaking of germs, Olivia has had green stuff coming out of her nose for a week and a half now.  She doesn't have a fever and we aspirate and elevate one end of her mattress and run the humidifier, but that's about all we can do.  It's tough to miss out on stuff since she and I both feel fine, but Steve and my mom have both started getting colds this weekend, so I'm thinkin' it's still catchin'.

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