Thursday, January 7, 2010


Olivia had her one-year checkup today, and everything checked out.  OJ "helped" hold the stethoscope so Dr. Dameron could listen to her heart and lungs.  He asked how many words she speaks, I laughed and said none, and as consolation he said the average at this age is 0-2.  She says hi ("Ha.") to people who walk by, but I'm not sure whether to count that.  She actually "talks" a lot, but it doesn't seem to be in reference to anything in particular.  I'm fine with that, especially since she at least recognizes some words (Daddy, Riley).

Olivia is now 31" long (tall?) and weighs 22lb 9oz, keeping her in the 90th percentile for height and dropping to 75th for weight.  She's also a pound short of officially outgrowing her Snugride 32 car seat (the limit is 32" or 32lbs) so we switched the convertible car seat to our main vehicle and faced it forward.  I can already see her looking out the windows and better enjoying the ride.  She got a couple shots in the arm; some impressive screaming and then she was fine.  Dr. Dameron said she'll get one more shot in April and then no more until Kindergarten.

Livi is still learning to walk; she takes several steps on her own and then falls or runs into something.  Much prefers crawling still.  We are borrowing a scandalous walker from the Fitzpatricks and she *loves* to chase Riley around, but we're not expecting it to help her walk.  Are keeping the basement door closed.

Feeding is still a challenge.  The girl will not eat vegetables, you cannot make her.  I laughed when Dr. D said her orange nose indicates she likes orange vegetables, because she hasn't had any for weeks.  I didn't tell him that.  She does like cheese, chili beans, kiwi, grapes, bananas, chicken nuggets, Kix, mac and cheese, chili, and on certain days, spaghetti.  My dad wants to give her a bowl of spaghetti and stand back to take pictures.  If you know me at all you know that I am cutting the noodles into 1/2" lengths and spoon feeding it to her.  She has added to her Yay-clapping and Touchdown a new football signal that Steve says is "loss of down" but loosely translates to "now needs a bath."  Olivia has been cutting new teeth but is kind of private about it; Dr. Dameron got a look and said she's working on some molars.  Clear my schedule.

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Casey Glass, M.D. said...

"Dr. Dameron said she'll get one more shot in April and then no more until Kindergarten."

Really? That doesn't sound right. I'm sitting with two pediatricians and they're trying to figure it.