Monday, January 18, 2010


It is 52 degrees outside, so we are seeing the last of the 18" of snow that fell mid-December and stayed around because of the cold.  We went for a walk, the four of us.

I had what I think was a stomach bug on Friday.  Saturday I kept down my crackers but spent the day in bed.  Yesterday and today I still feel a little weak and queasy, but I'm making myself eat anyway.  I don't remember having this before, so I'm trying to rest and drink fluids and not get freaked out.  No, I'm not pregnant.  Thankfully I didn't seem to give away the bug, which kinda makes me wonder.

My brother the pilot had a layover in DC on Friday, so I picked him up so he could surprise my parents for dinner.  It happened to be the night our dear aunt Agnes and uncle Ray were in town, so it was extra special.  I ignored the nausea as best I could.

I think Olivia has 6 (8?) teeth, but she won't let me look at them unless she is giggling hard enough to throw her head back.  Her hair is getting longer, especially in back where it curls to keep her from having a mullet.  She is starting to open up books and look at the pictures by herself, which is awesome because up until now she didn't seem very interested.  In the nursery I am told she is gregarious to the point of being in-your-face friendly/nosy.  A "spark plug" said one nursery worker.  She steals the other kids' pacifiers (she doesn't use one herself, so they're kind of a novelty).  She is very busy, and seems to be a social butterfly.  She has started noticing the TV more and will sit in your lap (!) and watch almost 5 minutes of Sesame Street before she's on to other things.  She loves her new mailbox toy and shape sorter that she got for Christmas/birthday, but she puts the square in the circle hole because it will let her.  I hope this isn't indicative of her management style.  (Incidentally, I saw the beginning of Office Space again last week and noticed that Initech has a big statue outside the building of a square peg and round hole. Chuckle.)  Olivia has a basket in the living room into which she'll put a small toy and carry it around.  If you bob your head and say, "Dance-y dance, dance-y dance!" she will squat-dance and crack up. 

At Thanksgiving she wouldn't have anything to do with Chef Boyardee ravioli, but now she likes it.  (Hey, Mikey!  He likes it!  Note to self: Try Life cereal.)  We're transitioning her to milk from formula and she's still sleeping well, but I'm getting the whole gamut (skim-2%-whole) of advice from friends, magazines, friends' pediatricians, websites.  Right now we're sticking with whole and will probably drop down to 1% (what we drink) when she's a little older.  Feel free to comment, I'm always open to advice.


livi girl said...

Glad you're feeling better, hope everyone else stays healthy.

Well, since you asked for advice, I'll go ahead and share my 2 cents worth ;-)
1. My boys LOVE Life cereal, so give it a try.
2. We did the whole milk thing until they turned 2 years old. It's a pain because the rest of the family drinks skim, but their bodies/brains really need that extra fat. And it came in handy when we were using a recipe that calls for whole milk (and skim is not a worthy substitute in some recipes) or when we ran out of half and half.

I'd love to see video of her "dance-y dance"

Anonymous said...

My feeling on the milk is if there's no consensus between pediatricians, it can't be all that crucial. Incidentally, I'm keeping Noah on formula while I use it up and maybe switching him to whole milk (unlike Ethan who has always done 2%) soon because he lost some weight with the stomach flu so I feel like I need to fatten him up a bit before his 1 yr appt.