Monday, February 22, 2010

I love the dentist

I love the needle tool sliding under my gums, scraping my roots, and the subsequent need for constant suction indicating that I have not flossed regularly.  Still.  Does anyone survive this step without bleeding even if they do floss?  I love the ensuing lecture about how "inflammation affects not only your gums but gets into your bloodstream and affects other things in your body."  My hygienist is at least 70 years old and did her best to explain.  I get it, I will surely die from not flossing.

I love the gritty, artificial-fruit-flavored polishing step of my dental visit, especially when the grit gets shoved between my teeth.  I love having to support my lower jaw with my hands so the polishing doesn't make my TMJ problem flare up.  I love getting my teeth rinsed with pressurized cool water, especially since my teeth are sensitive.  I love how I find grit on my face hours later.

I love the speech from the hygienist and then later from the dentist, shaming me for not using my Sonicare toothbrush.  I love that they give me a regular toothbrush when I leave, which I get in trouble for using instead of my Sonicare.

I love the plates I have to bite on during x-rays that tear up the inside of my mouth despite the hygienist folding down the corners.  I seem to remember my dentist in Delaware having a better system.

I love scheduling a follow-up appointment to have my first cavity filled at age 32.  At least my childhood sealants lasted this long, and flossing wouldn't have helped this cavity anyway.

I love the fact that my dentist is younger than me, inherited his dad's established practice, and has neither children nor empathy.

Edited 2/23 to add:  I haven't switched dentists because I'm pretty sure my gums will bleed wherever I go. 

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Sarah said...

I am sorry you had a bad experience at the dentist. :( But, I love the way you write, so please excuse me for having a little laugh on you this morning. I feel your pain.