Thursday, February 18, 2010


We had a fun Valentine's Day.  Here is Olivia enjoying the card that came in the mail on Thursday from Grandma and Grandpa.  She also got a Valentine from Miss Debora.

On Friday we went to visit G'ma & G'pa because they were heading to Oklahoma.  Here's Mom and Livi playing ball.  Gotta hold your tongue right.

On Saturday Steve, OJ, and I went shopping because we were out of ideas for fun and a little tired of the house (we both work from home).  For dinner Steve and I had filet mignon*, caramelized onions, roasted cauliflower, salads, and cheesecake.  We ate by candelight on the wedding china in the dining room, very fancy.  Then we watched Up.  Steve had gotten it from Netflix and I, unknowingly, got it from Red Box - we are so MFEO.

On Sunday Steve left on a work trip to Finland.  Their company always tries to do some sort of social event for internal meetings, so this time he got a cryo treatment, going into a room that was -110C for 3 minutes and then going in the sauna and hot tub. It’s supposed to help with arthritis and lots of other issues, and he said it did help with his jet lag.  He gets home tonight, I'm so glad.

*We normally grill steaks, but our grill is surrounded by snow.  The butcher at the shop is a grill guy, too, and didn't have much advice for cooking steak inside other than don't salt it because it draws out the moisture.  So Steve pan-seared the filets in butter then put them under the broiler for a few minutes on each side.  Two words: Phe nominal!  It was like I was Elaine's boyfriend listening to Desperado; nobody was allowed to talk while I was chewing.

Today we celebrated Mom's birthday, so here's Olivia helping her unwrap presents and then reading with Grandpa.

Not pictured is Olivia trying on the dress-up gloves my aunt Ruth found for Olivia at an estate sale.  She just looked at her gloved hand, flipped it over, and had a puzzled look like, "How do I get this thing off?"  And when she did get it off she immediately wanted Mom to put it back on her hand.

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