Monday, March 15, 2010


I haven't taken the time to blog.  Normally I use it as a procrastination tactic when I have a ton of other, less fun stuff to do, but this week the mountain of papers is threatening an avalanche.  I can say that my tax stuff is ready to send to my accountant in Delaware, my spring line of jewelry (including lots of Apple Blossom pieces) is downtown at Simply Charming Boutique, and I hope to have my outstanding orders in the mail today or tomorrow. 

Fun stuff I have put off for responsibilities: Going through my San Antonio pictures.  In the meantime, enjoy the photo of our little one and check out this site.  You take pictures of food and post where you were eating.  Totally me.


Jason and Reid said...

A great picture- and I stopped by Simply Charming last week... lots of beautiful pieces!!!

Sarah said...

Seriously, cutest kid ever! :) I need to fly up there again and see her in person this time.