Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Olivia is indeed cutting her first molar.  All this time I've been feeling way too far back in her mouth, but now we have a good Orajel routine down.  AND I brushed her teeth for the first time without her biting me (it's a silicone fingertip brush).  Oh, and she was probably cold because I didn't realize our heat was off and the weather is back to cool and rainy.  Oops.

Did I mention that she likes to stack things?  We'll stack empty containers (trash makes the best toys) and she'll knock them down with the biggest grin.  Oh, and Steve taught her to eat with a fork back in February but I still haven't gotten any pictures.  And she'll place an item on a spoon and then put it in her mouth, but I haven't let her scoop things much on her own.  Oatmeal on the wall, anyone? 

My puttanesca leftovers were way better with the addition of the missing red pepper flakes, plus flavor-melding with the extra chicken in the fridge for a day.  On Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals yesterday she was making "raw" puttanesca sauce: halved cherry tomatoes, anchovy paste, lemon juice, parsley, and otherwise the usual ingredients.  She served it with grilled halibut on ciabatta toast, which looked like giant bruschetta (yum).  I'm not a big fish person, so maybe burying it in puttanesca would help.

I think I'm going to create a drinking game for that show.  Every time she says "EVOO" you have to take a sip of whatever you're drinking.  If she proceeds to explain that it stands for extra virgin olive oil you have to take another drink.  Drink if she says "yummo," "hang out," or "delish."  Drink if she uses a 12oz mug as a measuring cup, measures EVOO in terms of "turns around the pan," or adds "a palmful" of a spice.  Like, how much is that?  At least we have the website so we don't have to jot down the recipe as we watch like in the olden days.

Okay, I just googled this and I am way behind.  Some of my favorites that others have noticed:  
Take a drink if Rachael...
  • comes back from refrigerator or pantry (literally a step away) carrying too many ingredients
  • mentions the garbage bowl
  • over-pronounces any Italian words in her sentences like MO-zah-RRREH-lah
Mom, I am totally kidding about the drinking game.


running shoes said...

Sure you are ; )

Psst: I'm totally in!

Jessica said...

That garbage bowl kills me EVERY time...meanwhile, I think it's one of the best ideas ever and totally stole the idea without actually buying her stupid overpriced bowl anyway.
but no need to tell me about it EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.