Monday, May 24, 2010

Baking with whole wheat

I'm trying to integrate whole grains into my cooking/baking.  It's not always a success, but we did find whole wheat pizza dough at Wegmans on Saturday.  Here are our creations halfway through baking.

The package of dough doesn't say how many pizzas it makes, so we divided it in two.  The upper crust (ha!) was thicker and, pressed into the pan corners, it came out more deep-dish style.  The pizza stone made the cutting job much easier.  They were both really good and it makes me want to try making my own whole wheat dough.

This morning (with Olivia nearby instead of waiting until her naptime) I made these chocolate chip cookies.  Not that they're super healthy compared to the regular kind, but these have less sugar, all wheat flour, fewer chips (all I had), and oatmeal.  A little crispy around the edges and crumbly from the oatmeal, but still good.  Since my idea of "healthier" is more concerned with sugar than fat, I want to keep the butter in the recipe but substitute something for the sugar.  I'm thinking applesauce is going to make the dough too runny.  Thoughts?


Elizabeth said...

You should try these chocolate chip cookies too...absolutely melt-in-your-mouth:

I think you can cut the sugar and maybe use turbinado sugar which is less processed (although not necessarily more healthy). I think applesauce is generally only subbed for the fat/oil? But you might be able to cut the sugar if you use applesauce in place of some of the fat and still have some sweetness from that.

hippo chick said...

Wegman's has a pre-made wheat dough that is fabulous. I have a recipe for a veggie pizza using that dough. Jim isn't crazy about it as he loves red sauce, pepperoni and other bad stuff. I really like it.

I really am trying to stay away from white flour and sugar. Old habits die hard.

~hippo hugs~

Liz.D said...

you should check out the babyfit website---i think they have healthy recipes