Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More berries

Went to Freight Station Market again this morning.  I get excited about fresh things when it's a misty morn like this one.  A baker was there and I sampled (but resisted buying) her signature sour cream pound cake.  I did get some of her strawberry bread and THE BEST homemade granola I've ever had.  The best compliment I can usually give something (ask Mom about the eggnog) is "It tastes like store-bought."  And this granola was like picking the clusters out of a fresh box of Honey Bunches of Oats (with almonds).  It's $9/bag (1lb?) supposedly because of the maple syrup, and I will probably still come back for more.  Or maybe I should launch a quest to make my own.  It's one of those things I thought had to be done in a professional kitchen with complicated ingredients, but I do know people who have made their own.  I also got a quart of Earliglow strawberries and some milk at the market. 

Then we went to Heather's house for a playgroup with Heather, Trice, and Devon's kids.  Olivia had a blast!  She almost fell asleep on the way home, but I kept the windows down and talked to her.  If Olivia dozes at all before The Afternoon Nap, chances are slim that she'll go down. 

We stopped by the farm with pick-your-own strawberries at Rinker Orchards on Marlboro Road.  Got another quart of berries, this time to bring to Mom & Dad when we go there for dinner tonight.  I hadn't been to Rinker before and definitely want to go back to pick my own (without a toddler in tow).

If you're in NoVa and want to pick strawberries, here's a list.  And if you want to just buy the sweet little things, in addition to my previous strawberry sources, Marker-Miller Orchards' Facebook page says they're open just for strawberries right now and will open for real on June 1.  I can almost taste their cider donuts.  Can't wait to pick blackberries!

Olivia is still asleep, going on 3 1/2 hours.  Playgroups rock.

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