Friday, May 21, 2010


First visit to the Freight Station Farmer's Market today as part of a quest (with Elizabeth) for local food.  It was small, but the vendors are good.  It is considered producer-only, although they offer things like wild Alaskan salmon.

First parsnip purchase, after asking about "those white carrots".  I also got potatoes and asparagus. I think a crockpot roast is in the works based on my freezer contents and the yummy ideas from the Mayfair Farm lady (pictured here with her beautiful strawberries). Pot pie with parsnips would also be good.

With the cheese guy I tried the feta and tomme, but what did it for me was his fruit (apricot?) & nut chevre, which is all mine on account of the pecans.  (Steve is allergic to certain nuts but probably couldn't care less about apricot goat cheese.  Man Law: Don't fruit the meat/beer/cheese.) 

Another first for today?  We moved here over three years ago and today I washed the windows for the *first* time. I know, I know. They're even tilt-in so I have no excuses. It's amazing how much brighter a room looks with clean windows.

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