Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strawberry Muffins

My friend Jill was kind enough to give me a copy of her recipe for Berry Cream Muffins.  Like... two years ago.  Anyway, we're heading into berry season and I love breakfast food, so I finally tried it. 

I used half whole wheat flour and a package of frozen strawberries since I don't see the point in using up my sweet fresh ones when they're going into something.  They're yummy, especially eaten warm with Amish butter from the farm market, but it bothers me that there's a cup of sugar in there.  Such is muffindom.  Does anyone know if it would matter if I just halved the sugar?  I don't really want to use Splenda.

The recipe yields 28 servings and I only have tins for 18 regular size, so I used my jumbo tin and got 6 more of those.  Will freeze and share because I want to try another muffin recipe, one with buttermilk.


Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, share with me tomorrow morning!

I've cut the sugar in recipes before and they've turned out fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures with the food stories, I made them yesterday and found them wonderful.
Nancy in MN