Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muffin update

Strawberry season is ending and blueberries are BOGO, so I tried out the other berry-oat muffin recipe I had. (Previous post is here.)  This one uses buttermilk instead of sour cream.  I made two batches and both came out kind of flat but tasty nonetheless.  The first batch I used whole wheat pastry flour, and the second time just whole wheat flour.  It makes a difference.

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, you are my new friend.  If you were a page on Facebook I would become a fan.  Except becoming a fan is apparently too committal, so now I would just be able to "like" you.  You make my muffins healthier in a more discreet way than your non-pastry counterpart. Anyway, thank you, Elizabeth, for introducing us. 

I also subbed out the oil for coconut oil, another new fave (more on that with granola).

Breakfast today turned out to be a pretty vignette, so I took a picture.  The flat little blueberry muffin is over on the right, and other parts of this complete breakfast are my yogurt with homemade granola, a butter bell with salted Amish butter (OMG), and coffee in a Polish Pottery mug.

Next time I make berry oat muffins I'm going back to the sour cream recipe, this time with blueberries, WW pastry flour, and half of the recommended sugar.

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