Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Olivia had her 18-month checkup this morning.  33.5" (90th %) and 26lb, 12oz (75th %).  I love how Dr. Dameron acts as though Livi is the healthiest child he has ever seen.  He is so encouraging, even when I'm not concerned about something, and this rookie mom needs that.  Olivia didn't even cry when she got her Hep A shot, and even wanted to "go" to the nurse who stuck her with it.  She was fascinated with the band-aid because it was on her arm this time.  And the mysterious red bumps that have been showing up on and off around her neck and shoulders?  Heat rash, definitely not allergies.  Whew.

During the last checkup it was a stretch to say Olivia was saying 5 words, but this time she is definitely saying (and meaning) several more.  She'll repeat things if you ask her, which was a huge turning point in my mind like I finally knew for sure that she got what words are.  Mama, Daddy (now with the d's), ball, duck, cheese, no, uh-oh.  If you ask her to say "dog" she says "woof." "Yummy" is "nummy."  "Riley" is "why."  "Grandpa" is "Papa" or "Poppy." If you ask her to say "one" she says "two."  I think she does this because Steve and I take her hands and swing her while we're walking: "One, two, THREEEE!!!"

She likes the pool and slides and sandboxes (thanks, Grandma R).  She likes to wipe things with a cloth (or towel or Kleenex) or wear it on her head.  She dances to classical music and the elevator music on the Weather Channel.  She loves to play ball with Riley, and still gets that belly laugh watching Riley chase the ball.  Livi likes to climb onto chairs and sofas (and tables and footstools - eek) and her body control and balance has gotten a lot better to the point where I don't even stop her any more.  How else will she become an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics?

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