Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crafting on the Web

Rather than plague you with details of my cold, I'm telling y'all (the crafty ones) about Craft Gossip.  They post free tutorials from all over the web on a daily basis. You can click on the sidebar links for past tutorials in different categories like scrapbooking or knitting. I am addicted to finding sewing ideas and tutorials on the internet, like these adorable owl ornaments from Fiona Carter.  I have found blogs and websites of some really creative people, and it makes my heart happy.

I don't even care if I make the stuff, I just like to look at and bookmark them. And make project lists. And buy fabric. I consider it a much better addiction than cocaine, or even shoe shopping.  The internet has become more entertaining than TV, especially with the advent of DVRs. Now I only watch shows I really like, and only when I have OD'ed on web surfing.

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