Monday, November 1, 2010


Olivia had more fun than I expected last night.  She and Steve would go out, visit a few houses, come back to warm up and eat candy, then back out to visit a few more neighbors. 

Steve said at first it was a little scary for her to be greeted with a basket of candy in her face at the door, but then he had to keep her from going inside each house, and after a while she didn't want to come home.  Meanwhile I manned our door and got some filing done during the lulls.  I thought this was the most creative costume.  His candy went in the bowl in front... 

Olivia tried some of her M&Ms... it turns out they do melt in your hands.  This is how she looked after I gave her one blue M&M and she walked in the other room for 30 seconds, but judging from the incredible coverage I think Riley had something to do with it. 

And later Livi practiced her licking...

We each took out parental "taxes" on her candy stash.  Part of the joy of having kids, right?

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