Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Navy... the new chocolate brown?

There was a time not too long ago when chocolate brown was the new black and navy blue was completely passé.  We had overused it in the 90s with cranberry and hunter green.  Whenever someone says, "____ is making a comeback," I wait for it to stick locally before jumping on the bandwagon.  It took me years to believe capri pants would last and now they're pretty much all I wear in the summer; tweed capris with boots didn't make it past the first winter.  Three years ago I scoffed when my mother declared that navy was back.  But the first three things I just pulled out of the dryer were navy, and none of them were Steve's.  (I honestly think he chose his college and grad school solely for their school colors as he wears mostly gray and navy.)

Another recent navy moment was while watching Duplicity (which I enjoyed more than expected, mostly because of the corporate strategy with P&G and J&J-like companies.  Loved the opening slow-mo fight between CEOs).  Julia Roberts is an undercover corporate spy, and the CEO has her in his office asking if she can be trusted.  Her makeup artist lined her brown eyes (actually just the lids) with a heavy, unsmudged strip of navy eyeliner.  Although Jamie Lee Curtis tells the adorable Anna Chlumsky in My Girl, "You can never wear enough blue eyeshadow," blue is a color I have been told I can't wear with my coloring (brown eyes, light brown hair, warm skin tone).  I am fully expecting to be arrested by the fashion police because I now wear navy and purple eyeliners and navy, purple, and charcoal clothes.

P.S.  I googled Julia's makeup in Duplicity and found this site: comments from her makeup artist about her eyeliner and then product links... very cool.

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