Thursday, December 30, 2010

Olivia, Age 2

First snow of the season

Our Cindy Lou Who

Her favorite ornament is Minnie Mouse.  "Meenie!"

How her stuffed animals are arranged after naptime

Often heard:
-No.  (The answer to every question, and half the time it means "yes".  She's not saying "no" in Terrible Two fashion yet; she's still pretty agreeable.)
-I did it! (Even if she had nothing to do with it, like when we put her shoes on her feet)
-I got it.  (She says this when we ask her to say something and she doesn't know how. "I got it.")
-Ready, set, GO!  (Or "2, set, 9, go!"  Followed by running.)
Daddy-daddy or Mommy-mommy (as "thank you" when we do something for her)
-Tie? bow? (Even when I'm tying the tails of the trash bag.  She notices bows everywhere.)
-Trash (and likes to throw things away, even non-trash things)
-Fire truck, trash truck
-A bubble bath?  A bubble bath?  (Here's hoping!)
-Papa and Poppy (Her grandpas; she just started saying Grandma, too.)
-Matt (Any other guy who comes to the house)
-Choo choo (Her toy train, Papa's train, train tracks, Thomas the train, etc.)
-Apple juice (Her name for applesauce, and if you insist that it is applesauce she will correct you until you give up.)
-Who dat? (In reference to everyone she sees or hears, including the GPS)
-What dat?  (Everything else that is unfamiliar)

She is learning how to count and I don't even know how she did it.  School?  Awesome.  Except she skips 4 and will say, "No, Mommy" if I try to help.  In the car there's a constant narrative (CVS, tree, two tree, car, two car, red car, trash truck...) and declares where we're going when we get close to Papa's house, school, Ellie's house, church, and our house.  When I make oatmeal we have a routine... "Mommy bowl, my bowl, sugar" ... and she'll get the spoon from the drawer and canister of brown sugar from the cabinet.  She loves to Swiffer, and if I vacuum or Swiffer she insists on helping. 

Christmas and her birthday brought lots of new toys, so I think we'll start a rotation.  She liked ripping the wrapping paper.  Lots of fun, our little girl!

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Sarah said...

She sounds like a wonderful little girl, Anne. I hope I get to meet her soon. :)

BTW, we did the toy rotation when Catie was younger. It was nice because she always found her toys "new" and exciting and it kept the house looking neat/clutter free. :)