Thursday, May 12, 2011


Olivia has been taking more interest in her stuffed animals lately, teaching the rabbit its letters and pushing bear around in the doll stroller and shopping cart.  She'll tell me she's going to the store to buy bananas, except she pronounces it like Sha Na Na and it cracks me up even more. 

We're slowly cleaning out extra stuff from my parents' house, and my mom keeps procuring fascinating "new" toys like the Sesame Street club house.  (It's funny how Steve's mom still has great old FP play sets, but different ones. We had the A-frame, they had the Tudor. We had the airport, they had the barn.)  I figured now would be a good time to bring home the beautiful oak doll bed and dresser from beneath my parents' ping pong table.  My great grandfather made the set for my grandmother when she was little.  And here I am playing with it when I was little. (Notice the lovely console TV.)

Olivia helped PaPa sink some nails to fix it up.  And Grandma made a new mattress and linens and gave Olivia a "new" doll she had kept from my childhood.

The whole concept of sheets and pillows is new for Olivia, but she is loving it.  Some things are worth keeping around for the next generation!


Nancy Edwards said...

You are so right that some things are worth keeping around. The boys love the FP toys and are just now moving away from them to the GI Joe toys that I have kept for Jack. Did Grandpa Frank make it or the other side of the family? Just beautiful.
Have fun.

Anne said...

It was Grandpa Frank! And my mom just told me he made it for Mom's mom (Mildred) and someone in your family may have played with it because it skipped Mom.