Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Rest of May

Hi, world.  I'm still here, it's just that I don't give much priority to blogging these days.  What's new? 

I spent last weekend at Lake Anna with three of my college roommates, catching up and relaxing.  These are still some of my dearest friends and I cherish any time I have with them.  I had seen two of them at our class reunion last fall, but it's so much more fun to relax on the dock with no kids to corral. 

Back on the homefront, several of our weekly activities have wrapped up for the summer, plus Steve hasn't had to travel much in the past few weeks, so it has been rejuvenating to spend time together as a family again.  Just the three of us, the dog, and little Nubbin who has started moving enough for me to feel.  For those of you who were not exhausted by my blogging every nuance of my first pregnancy, I apologize that I just don't have the time any more. Regarding FAQs: I'm feeling good, the next ultrasound is in June, and we are planning to share the baby's sex if you promise not to tell my dad because he wants to be surprised. 

Olivia has one more week of nursery school so I'm trying to cram in my appointments and work before she's all mine for the summer.  (By the way, work is going well! I just don't take the time to blog about it.) We're not going to talk about how naptime is no longer a sure thing (gah!).  At least the pools are open now, so that's something to do during nap strikes free afternoons that we can't do in the mornings (when pools are closed for swim team and lessons).  Oh, and?  Yard sales are awesome for finding inexpensive new toys. 

Yesterday we went to the farmer's markets for the first time this season (Berryville & Purcellville).  Strawberries, eggs, summer squash, cupcakes.  I figured buying local produce even at these prices is still cheaper than a farm share and then we're not stuck with mass quantities of kale and stuff.  We're just not big vegetable people.  Or maybe we're just not big vegetable adventurers; we stick with our favorites.  After Olivia's nap (the first in three days, but we're not talking about it) we picnicked with playgroup families.  I can already tell a difference from last summer (same picnic hosts) how independent Olivia is in terms of us not needing to hover while she plays.  At the playground she's able to do so many more things this year, too, but one of us still tends to walk around and help her get unstuck.  I expect it will be like starting back at square one with the new little one, but I dream of someday being one of those moms who can read a book at the playground.  Someday.  There will still be books around when Nubbin is yelling, "Look, Mommy" from the top tower. 

Today after church Steve got to play golf with friends, a rarity, and Olivia is napping (after I went in to put the kibosh on her playing frog for an hour), so all is well.

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