Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Adam Scott

We've had a cut-up watermelon slowly disappearing in the fridge this week, so I went online to try and find a recipe that didn't involve booze (although that would be tasty) or the word "gazpacho."  It should come as no surprise that I chose an easy recipe (the Lazy Cook) that involves lemons: Watermelon Lemonade.  I didn't even make the lemonade from scratch or strain the watermelon (all that fiber!); I just stuck my immersion blender in the container and combined that with already-made lemonade (concentrate from the freezer section - my fave). 

Steve said I needed to name the drink and while I was working out a tongue-twisting combination of "watermelon" and "lemonade," he came up with The Adam Scott.  Love me some Adam Scott.  (Sorry I lied about the next thing on my Lemon List being Arnold Palmer cupcakes; this is a subtle nod to him!)

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