Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lemon Buddies

I got a giant box of rice Chex a while back and it is consistently a bust with Olivia (and everyone else here except Riley).  It's been hanging around for months, hogging the Rubbermaid cereal dispenser, so when I recently bought a family-size box of something else that won't fit in the cabinet* I figured it was time to boot the Chex. 

It is not my instinct to make Chex mix at this time of year, but I recalled them developing a plethora of recipes in addition to the traditional one.  I settled on Lemon Buddies because they just spoke "summer" to me and I've already been through two rounds of Lemon Coolers.  I love the smell while zesting lemons, and I put the zested-but-unjuiced one in my iced tea while the buddies cooled.  Plus Lemon Buddies are fortified and gluten free, right?  Great way to spend a 92° non-naptime.  (But we're not talking about the singing currently coming from the crib.)  Up next on my Lemon List: Arnold Palmer cupcakes, y'all.

*My sweet little grandmother used to rip off the top few inches of each cereal box so they would fit in her lazy susan.  I seriously thought about doing that, but now the family size cereal is in the container and I have Lemon Buddies.

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