Monday, August 8, 2011

Rag curls

My mom came over for lunch recently, on one of the days when it was over 100 outside.  What I normally do with Olivia's hair on a day like that is put it up in two ponytails - one for the bangs and another for the rest.  It's easy, it keeps the hair off her neck, and she leaves it alone.  But there were some little hair clips sitting on the counter, and while I was fixing lunch Mom created this.

Mom said she and her sister (Hi, Ruth!) used to do this with rags because there weren't fun hair accessories back then.  Here's a tutorial (Thanks, Google).  I seem to remember a different story about them ironing their hair, too.  Like, with the clothing iron because there were no flat irons.  And I want to say I remember another story about sleeping with hair wrapped around something like orange juice cans to get a great flip, but that may have been Rosemary and Judy.

After naptime the clips had mysteriously disappeared, and this wasn't the first time.  One day I'm going to find a cache of hair accessories stuffed in Olivia's mattress or in the wall behind the giraffe picture above her bed, Shawshank-style.

Speaking of naps, Olivia is back to her old schedule (whew!).  Of course, that probably just jinxed it but I wanted to give her credit.