Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peach season

Today we went to Marker-Miller Orchard's peach festival.  Homade peach yogurt, cider donuts, BBQ smoking on-site... it's like a Country Time lemonade commercial.

And a M-M festival wouldn't be complete without the cow train!

I came home with a half-peck of seconds (about 20 peaches for $4), all of which were totally fine except for a small spot or non-prizewinning size.  Peach crisp is cooling on the counter right now!  Earlier I made peach frozen yogurt.  Frozen yogurt is really just that: yogurt that is frozen.  Dump plain Greek yogurt (plus a little milk or plain regular yogurt to thin it out) into your ice cream maker, add mix-ins, and voila.  Why did I think making fro-yo had to be harder than it is?  Okay, I do not peel my peaches or keep vanilla-infused sugar in my pantry, but I substituted sugar + vanilla bean paste with no problem (and I still get the visible vanilla seeds which psychologically ups the yum factor).  Using yogurt instead of cream does give it a tartness/bite, but the sweetness of the peach mixture balances that out.  I imagine it tastes much like buttermilk-peach ice cream.  Hmmm....

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Sarah said...

Wow, that looks great! I guess I was a few days early. Maybe next time. ;)