Saturday, August 20, 2011

Water fun

After unsuccessfully looking for a water table at yard sales this summer, I found one on clearance at Wegmans.  Olivia loves it!  A theme to her patio play this summer has been moving water from one container to another... 

Fill the watering can, pour it into the sand pail, then into the dump truck.

And now the supply chain includes dumping that into the water table.  Good, clean fun.  Sometimes she paints with water and an old paintbrush on the sidewalk.  No cleanup.  We haven't even been to the local pool this season, mostly because it's only open in the afternoons (naptime), but also because we have found enough fun here at home.  Our friends Sarah and Catie visited us last week, and the girls played in the sprinkler. 

Note the grass and leaves, indicative of how hot and dry it has been.  It has been great to have thunderstorms rolling through this week to cool things off and give our plants a drink.  I'm ready for fall!

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